Meteor and Redux and Angular 2

Like many JavaScript developers, my progression has roughly paralleled that of the industry. When I learned JavaScript, it was as simple as “on mouse over, change color”. Angular 1 and REST ushered in Single Page Applications, RxJS taught us that your app can be thought of as a collection of streams and React, and now … More Meteor and Redux and Angular 2


Converging on Full Stack Nirvana – Part 1 – Graduating from the MEAN Stack

Last year, I had the opportunity to start a product architecture from a blank sheet.  For a change, there were legacy products to consider.  I needed to stand back, access the current available toolsets and dive in. The target app was an MVP for a startup and required iPhone, Android and web clients, Bluetooth connectivity … More Converging on Full Stack Nirvana – Part 1 – Graduating from the MEAN Stack

What’s with the Name?

A few people have asked about the name Fabrica.  It’s latin for architecture, device, art, craft, manufacture and profession.  Hmm, THAT WORKS!  Over the years I’ve struggled to come up with product or company names.  Hopefully, this is a good one. Thanks to Aiman Daily, president of Copia Financial, for the idea of looking at latin … More What’s with the Name?

New Beginnings

Thank you for visiting my page. I’m turning a new page as well! After an exciting engagement with the great people at Myant, I’m now starting my own business offering management consulting services (CTO for hire) and full stack Javascript app and IoT development.

Who can identify where the image on my header bar is? If you think you know, drop me a note on my contact form. Winners will get, … Hmmm. We’ll decide later.
More New Beginnings